Video seekor lumba-lumba mengejar makan siangnya

Sebuah video luar biasa yang memperlihatkan seekor lumba-lumba yang sedang mengejar targernya.

Dari thumbnail-nya bisa ditebak kalau video ini berakhir dengan happy ending untuk si lumba-lumba, tapi yang menarik adalah bagaimana si lumba-lumba tersebut mengejar ikan buruannya di perairan yang cukup dangkal sampai-sampai si lumba-lumba tersebut harus berenang menyamping.

Nature is fucking 🔥

On the initial 24-second charge you see the dolphin swimming sideways, this is because the water was very shallow. The dolphin also breaches a few times during the charge, this is to gain speed because air provides less resistance than water. Once the dolphin catches the fish, he has to tear it apart by rubbing and smashing the fish against the sand. This is because their mouths don’t have enough jaw pressure to bite the fish in half, so when a dolphin catches a large fish they have to figure out how to tear it up.

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