Why Do We Dream?

Kenapa kita bermimpi? Sebuah teori tentang mimpi.


So how did the visual cortex of our ancestors’ brains defend its territory, in the absence of input from the eyes?

We suggest that the brain preserves the territory of the visual cortex by keeping it active at night. In our “defensive activation theory,” dream sleep exists to keep neurons in the visual cortex active, thereby combating a takeover by the neighboring senses. In this view, dreams are primarily visual precisely because this is the only sense that is disadvantaged by darkness. Thus, only the visual cortex is vulnerable in a way that warrants internally-generated activity to preserve its territory.

Apa tugasnya casting director?

Tambahan dari Joko Anwar:

Aplikasi Amphetamine tidak jadi dihapus Apple

Jadi ceritanya, Apple mengancam akan menghapus sebuah aplikasi (untuk Mac) bernama Amphetamine dari Mac App Store kalau developer-nya tidak melakukan rebranding sebelum waktu yang ditentukan. Disuruh rebranding karena nama aplikasinya dianggap mempromosikan penggunaan narkoba yang merupakan salah satu bentuk pelanggaran di App Store.

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“Never Become The Person Your Twitter Followers Want You To Be”

Hunter Walk:

Don’t be egged on by the adrenaline rush of online fights or the euphoria of being applauded. Don’t measure your success by the popularity of what you say or the attention it receives. If you do, you’ll slowly be pulled to the extremes of any position.

I’m just saying check yourself that you are expressing what *you* care about and not just cooking up meals for an audience. You don’t need to drag yourself into the mud with bad faith repliers. And you don’t need to put more hate or anger into the world over stupid shit.