Is Sharing Your Feelings Always Healthy?

Markham Heid via Medium:

“Emotions are contagious, and you can impact the emotions of others by sharing how you feel,” Caruso says. He points out that emotions often arise suddenly, can be fleeting, and are dependent on a lot of contextual factors, from how well you slept to how recently you’ve eaten. “How you’re feeling in the moment can be the product of all these unrelated things,” Caruso says. And by expressing what you’re feeling, not only do you pass some of your emotion to others, but you also have to deal with the aftermath of that disclosure.

“The way we’re built, we naturally want to describe what we’re feeling to others, but the reality is that sometimes this would hurt other people or would be embarrassing to us,” says James Pennebaker, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas. And when you share your feelings with someone else, you risk them refuting or rejecting the validity of what you told them, which can be devastating. “In that situation, you may end up worse off than if you’d kept what you were feeling to yourself,” Pennebaker says.

Cara membersihkan hidung yang tersumbat dengan cepat


  1. Tarik napas yang dalam.
  2. Buang napas secara perlahan-lahan, dan kemudian tahan napas ketika tidak ada lagi udara yang bisa dikeluarkan.
  3. Masih sambil menahan napas, goyangkan kepala, ke atas/belakang (sampai melihat ke langit) dan ke bawah (sampai melihat tanah).
  4. Lakukan sampai Anda benar-benar butuh bernapas.
  5. Kemudian bernapas, dan nikmati hidung yang lega. Kalau masih belum berhasil, ulangi langkah di atas.


A placebo can work even when you know it’s a placebo

For some medical complaints, open-label placebos work just as well as deceptive ones.

Harvard Health Blog:

..there is a documented “placebo effect,” which means that some people actually respond to a placebo even though it shouldn’t have an effect on the body. This has been thought to be largely due to their beliefs or expectations that they are getting the real treatment and not the fake one. But what if people were told, up-front, that they were getting a placebo and not an active medication? It stands to reason the placebo would have no effect. Right?


“People can still get a placebo response, even though they know they are on a placebo,” he adds. “You don’t need deception or concealment for many conditions to get a significant and meaningful placebo effect.”