Spotlight effect

Pernah merasa kalau semua yang kita lakukan akan selalu diperhatikan dan diamati oleh orang lain? Perasaan seperti itu punya nama, dan dikenal sebagai “spotlight effect”. Sesuai namanya, kita merasa seakan-akan berada di bawah sebuah lampu sorot dan diperhatikan oleh orang lain, padahal pada kenyataannya hal seperti itu tidak terjadi.

The spotlight effect is something that we all experience frequently in our everyday life. Essentially, whenever we think about what other people think about us, we tend to overestimate how likely they are to notice things that we do, as well as how likely they are to care about those things.

Louis Chew via Medium:

This phenomenon is known as the Spotlight Effect — people tend to believe that more people take notice of their actions and appearance than is actually the case. It’s an apt name. We think we are in the spotlight and all eyes are on us. In reality, no one cares.

If you’re not convinced that nobody remembers the word you mispronounced back in high school, try to recall the last time your classmate made a similar mistake. You’ll find that it’s a lot harder than remembering your own mistake.

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